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Where can I find your office's address?

We are located in Montréal but only operate online. As such, there is no office where you visit us.

Will contacting you at your 1-866 number cost me money?

Absolutly not, our 1-866 contact number is toll free and will not incure any extra usage charge to your phone bill.

How long does it take for you to deliver my custom DVD?

The time needed to complete a project is not definite as it always depend on the project but you can expect to have your DVD delivered within a week unless special consideration is needed to complete your request. If something is needed urgently, discuss it with us and we will try to arrange something.

Is it possible to order something in another language beside English or French?

Here at Likha Design, we pride ourselves in being able to service you in any of the following language: French, English, Tagalog, Illocano!

At which time of the day can we contact you?

We answer the phone whenever we can but the best time if you need to speak to us directly would be between 5PM and 10PM during the week or between 9AM and 10 PM on the weekend. But you can leave us an e-mail or voicemail 24/7 and we will usualy get back to you within the hour.